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High Vibration Resonance Technology (TRAV)© is designed "to direct thoughts to purposes that have not been achieved with the use or use of willpower, facilitating its obtaining", with applications for Physical Health , Mental and Emotional; For Personal, Family and Organizational use.



High Vibration Resonance Technology (TRAV)© generates neurovibration that stimulates the brain in its perceptual integration zones to achieve synaptic firing synchrony and new neural networks (neuroplasticity) that benefit various processes such as learning and stress control .

Neurovibration is a subdivision of neurophysiology and neuroelectrophysiology of perception. It is captured by the 5 senses and by the series of interoceptors (receptors of the visceral organs).

In the case of High Vibration Resonance Technology (TRAV)© it generates neurostimulation by somatic-auditory vibration, transmitted by means of a sound wave, with the following two advantages:

The transmission speed is 338 meters per second (speed of sound).
The coverage, expands in space.

Neurostimulation is picked up by two of the five senses to stimulate the brain:

Auditory. From the ear it passes to the temporal lobe (hearing).
Kinesthetic. From the skin it passes to the parietal lobe (sensory perception) through an effect called somatosensory.
Neologism formed by Greek and Latin roots. It is composed of σώμα, σώματος (pr. Soma, somachs) with the meaning of body, matter. And sensory which is formed by sensus, sensus which means sense, sensitivity, sensation; plus the suffix -arius / -aris that means relationship or belonging and by the suffix -al that indicates relative to. Therefore, its etymological concept is relative to what belongs to the sensitivity of the body.

The cerebral neurostimulation that is achieved through somatic-auditory vibration configured with High Vibration Resonance Technology (TRAV)© to explain its components, I have defined the following concepts:



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