With neuromodulation we achieve the patterns of brain electrical activity (brain state) according to the emotional state that is sought.

For example, it directly and quickly impacts physiological stress.


Dr. Hans Berger
Considered the father of the

Brain frequencies associated with a mental or emotional situation:

- Beta Level (Stress. Daily activity. 13 to 30 hertz).
- Alpha (Relaxation. Assimilation and greater capacity for study. 8 to 12 hertz).
- Theta (Superficial sleep. Physical and mental relaxation. 4 to 7 hertz).
- Delta (Deep sleep. Physical and mental restoration. 0 to 3 hertz).


Dr. Gerald Oster
Author of "Auditory Beats in the Brain"

High Vibration Resonance Technology (TRAV)© brings the brain frequency to the required level:

Through binaural pulses we stimulate both ears simultaneously and due to the difference in frequencies, it is possible to bring the brain to electrical activity according to the expected emotional state.

Video showing the activation carried out by High Vibration Resonance Technology (TRAV)© in "real time" causing different brain states.

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